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Become part of the team now!

So that we can produce even better content for you on the most exciting race tracks in Europe and always take you live with us, we need your support now!

The costs:

The previous track days have cost an average of €2,000 per day. This included: transport, petrol, entry fee, food, overnight stays, vehicle maintenance, spare parts and content production.

Your support:

The more people agree to support us, the more spectacular content we can deliver to you with our cars. Every euro collected will be used exclusively for participation in the races, the resulting costs and video production on the race tracks as well as conversion, testing, adjustment and workshop videos.

Let's live this dream together and become a sponsor on Patreon now. Every supporter receives exclusive goodies such as participation in Q&A's, voting rights in project decisions, visits to the pit lane, 1on1 calls, merch, unreleased material and more.


Patreon is a platform on which creators can collect financial support. You can choose between different packages. You pay with PayPal and thus take out a monthly subscription. This can be canceled at any time and there are no further costs.

Let's go:

In the next step, you can select a support package on Patreon and complete your monthly subscription easily and securely via PayPal.

- The membership is cancelable at any time

- No hidden costs, no fine print

- Expenses are communicated openly and transparently

Let's eat, sleep, race, repeat, TOGETHER!


Do you want to see more from us before you decide? No problem!

On our YouTube channel you will find our complete assembly videos for the E36, first track days and exploding Multiplas. Feel free to take a look!

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Feb 25

Herzlich willkommen!

Falls Du Fragen oder Anregungen hast, kannst Du dich hier mit uns direkt oder anderen austauschen.

Viel Spaß! 😘

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