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We welcome you at "SponsoredRaceCar"

We love motor sports! Therefore, we will now build a production car to a race car and go for professional racing events all over Europe.

In informative articles we show you the steps that make a production car to a racing car and what you need to keep up with the strong competition.

The Team

Florian, 38

Team leader/Driver

Felix, 31

Chief mechanic/Driver

"I work full-time in the film business as a supervisor in the areas of motion picture and TV advertising, I love my job and enjoy getting up every day.


For many years, however, I have dreamed of building a race car and driving it on the race track as well. Now the time has come!


I can hardly wait when the finished car rolls out of the workshop for the first time. "

"I am a trained mechatronics technician and have been karting since I was 14. At the same time, I gained a lot of experience, which will help me a great deal with this project.


After the kart sport I built up an E46 with S54 3.2L engine in the WTCC style over the last two years and now I want to drive it in professional races.


Together we will build Flo's E36 and then go together as a team. "

BMW E36 325i

BMW E46 M3, S54 3.2L, WTCC

The Cars

The E36 325i is a very good vehicle for entry. The technology is solid and the engines are considered indestructible.


It also looks just great. ;) This piece was picked up by a teacher at the factory in 1992 and has been treated well ever since.


Accordingly, the condition of the engine and body is also good. We chose the sedan because it is lighter than the coupe and with the forwardly offset B-pillar offers a little more protection than the coupe.

Two years of hard work stuck in Felix´s uncompromising E46. The base was an E46 323i Bj '99, but now beats the heart of a 3.2L M3 in the car.

Bought by a pensioner and converted into a small garage to the race car. What went on this car has been completely redesigned and renewed.


This work often brought Felix to his limits and demanded much more from him than just an apprenticeship as a car mechatronics engineer ... namely a lot of passion, perseverance and dedication.

We want to be on the track with our cars as much as possible.


Trackdays to gain more experience and drift because it's just awesome.

Meanwhile, we were able to inspire great partners and sponsors for our project. Many thanks to all who support us here.

In our video galleries you will find updates on which racetracks we hang around. Have fun...

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